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Ladder Mover™

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Ladder Mover was developed to safely and efficiently move one or more portable ladders and supplies at a price that anyone can afford. Everyone knows the dangers of falling from a ladder. But most of us never think about the risk of injury from lifting and carrying a ladder, even for a very short distance. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), over 1 million workers experience back injuries each year. Shouldering a ladder puts the full weight on one side of the body creating uneven pressure on the spine, this greatly increases the chance of injury.

Don’t carry a ladder, instead roll it to the exact location where you’ll raise it. Ladder Mover is a heavy-duty adapter that turns your hand truck into the highest quality ladder dolly. It’s priced low enough to justify occasional use by DIY home owners and durable enough to be used daily by professionals. Why pay hundreds of dollars for a single purpose ladder dolly, when you can get the low-cost Ladder Mover that out performs them all. Made in the USA.

Work smarter, not harder.
Ladder Mover is your anwser to all of these questions:

How to move a ladder?

How to move a ladder by yourself?

How to move a 40 foot ladder by yourself?

The easiest way to move a ladder?

The fastest way to move a ladder?

The safest way to move a ladder?

The most efficient way to move a ladder?