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Ladder Mover™

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What is Ladder Mover?

Ladder Mover is a heavy-duty adapter that turns your hand truck into the highest quality ladder dolly / ladder mover. Designed and made in the USA. It’s priced low enough to justify occasional use by DIY home owners and durable enough to be used daily by professionals. Why pay hundreds of dollars for a single purpose ladder dolly, when you can get the low-cost Ladder Mover that out performs them all.

Loading a ladder, then rolling the ladder over various terrain. Made in the USA. Order Now, made in the USA.
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Other names for Ladder dolly are ladder roller, ladder caddy, ladder cart, ladder carrier, ladder carrying device, ladder tote, ladder hauler, ladder mover, ladder transporter.

You’ll have more energy

Roll your ladder to anywhere it’s needed and you’ll have more energy to better perform the task that required the ladder.

Roll your ladder where it's needed.

Work smarter, not harder

There’s no shame in working smarter, use Ladder Mover to roll your ladder to exactly where you need it. Avoid being one of over 1 million people that injure their back each year. Shouldering a ladder puts the full weight on one side of the body creating uneven pressure on the spine, this greatly increases the chance of injury.

When loading Ladder Mover, you never have to lift more than half the weight of the ladder and it’s only for a few seconds. All lifting is done directly facing the load and balanced between both sides of the body. You never have to twist your back or lift to one side of your body. Once loaded, Ladder Mover carries nearly 100% of the load.

Work smarter, not harder, roll your ladder where it's needed.

Feels like power steering

Centrally mounted wheels allow you to navigate corners like a zero-turn lawn mower. Navigate winding walkways and sharp corners that are impossible for ladders with end mounted wheels. You’ll be amazed how easily it turns corners, feels like power steering. Wheels can also be positioned at any point along the ladder, allowing you to navigate stairs or balance uneven loads.

Ladder Mover™ carrying a ladder over rough terrain.

Work efficiently

Work efficiently, save time by rolling multiple ladders and supplies in one easy trip. No need to stop someone else to help you move a ladder. Think of all the time you’ll save!

Ladder Mover™ loaded with ladders and suppies.

Two methods to carry your ladder

Method (1)

Flat with both side rails at the same height, this allows us to carry multiple ladders and supplies by stacking one on top of the other. This works especially well with extension ladders. We can also use this method to carry step ladders.

Ladder Mover™ carrying a ladder in a flat position.

Method (2)

Tipped on one side, this allows us to maneuver narrow passages and doorways. This works especially well with tall step ladders which are much wider at the bottom. We can also use this method to carry extension ladders.

Ladder Mover™ carrying a ladder in a side position.

Additional benefits

  • Multi-purpose, you’ll have both a ladder dolly and a hand truck on the jobsite without doing any extra work to get it there.
  • Large pneumatic hand truck wheels provide a smooth and quiet ride over all terrain.
  • No additional floor space needed for storage, Ladder Mover™ stores within the space of your hand truck.
  • No tools needed, easily switch from ladder dolly to hand truck mode and back again.
  • Made in the USA.  
Order Now, made in the USA. Image of Ladder Mover, the DIY ladder dolly.