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Ladder Mover™ ladder dolly / ladder carrier

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What is Ladder Mover?

Ladder Mover is a heavy-duty adapter that turns your hand truck into a high performance ladder dolly / ladder carrier. Make it easy, give your ladder wheels. Works with any type of ladder. Guaranteed to handle your ladders and supplies faster, easier and safer or your money back!

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See how Ladder Mover™ ladder dolly / ladder carrier steers like a zero-turn lawn mower. ● Easily navigate sharp turns and tight places that are impossible for ladders with built-in wheels. ● Exact ladder placement. ● Extreme terrain. ● Stair climbing. ● Simple storage. ● No-tools installation. ● Fast ladder loading.

Made in the USA.

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Other names for Ladder dolly are ladder roller, ladder caddy, extension ladder dolly, step ladder dolly, ladder cart, ladder wheels, ladder carrier, ladder carrying device, ladder tote, ladder hauler, ladder mover, ladder transporter, ladder transport dolly, ladder mobile, ladder truck, ladder rack, ladder glider.

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Yes, I'm ready to be more productive!
I want my ladder work to be easier, faster and safer.
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Do more, less effort

One person can roll multiple ladders and supplies in one easy trip. No need to stop someone else to help you move a ladder. Think of all the time you’ll save! Use your ladder as a platform to carry large bulky objects such as storm debris, conduit, lumber, insulation, dry wall, plywood, pipe, tent, sleeping bag, cooler, carpet, fence post, drop cloth, kayak, canoe, tree limbs. Imagine all the different ways this could help you easily move those difficult items that normally require two or more persons.

Ladder Mover™ loaded with ladders and suppies.  
Ladder Mover™ loaded with ladder and canoe.  

This video shows how I used Ladder Mover™ to turn my hand truck into a 12’ long cart to triple production and simplify a tree trimming job.
Normally I would have to lift and drag the limbs a safe distance away from the base of the tree to prevent a tripping hazard as I cut more limbs. Those temporary piles still needed more processing before they would fit in a wheel barrow or garden cart and be moved to their final resting place. Instead, I placed my ladder under the limbs before cutting. Then as I cut each limb, I let it drop from the tree, onto my limb pile on the ladder. Then move the ladder directly under the next limb to be cut and so on until I get a full load. Next, I rolled the load in one easy trip to my burn pile, then dump it. This method is at least 3 times faster because I can haul more than 3 times as much per trip. It is also easier to control the load because the long ladder provides additional mechanical advantage while the hand truck is carrying most of the weight. I used one section of an old lightweight 24’ aluminum extension ladder that had been scrapped. Attached Ladder Mover™ to the second ladder rung with bungee straps so the hand truck would not come off during dumping. This was the quickest and easiest I have ever trimmed and hauled tree limbs. The cart can also be used for cleanup of storm debris and other bulky items. See instructions page for weight limit and other safety info.

You’ll have more energy

Roll your ladder and supplies to anywhere they are needed and you’ll have more energy to better perform the task that required the ladder and supplies.

Roll your ladder where it's needed.

Feels like power steering

Centrally mounted wheels allow you to pivot around corners like a zero-turn lawn mower. Navigate winding walkways and sharp turns that are impossible for ladders with built-in wheels. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to control, feels like power steering. Wheels can also be positioned at any point along the ladder, allowing you to navigate stairs, balance uneven loads, make a super long cart or handle an unusual situation.

Ladder Mover™ carrying a ladder over rough terrain.

No Hand Truck?

What if I don’t have a hand truck? No hand truck, no problem. The good news is Ladder Mover works great with the basic low-cost hand truck available at one of your local stores. Once you start using your new hand truck, you’ll wish you had bought one a long time ago. Please see our recommended hand trucks for more details and helpful tips.

Recommended hand trucks and helpful tips.

Work smarter, not harder

There’s no shame in working smarter, use Ladder Mover to roll your ladder and supplies to exactly where you need them. Ladder Mover carries nearly 100% of the load. During loading, you never have to lift more than half the weight of the ladder. All lifting is done directly facing the load and balanced between both sides of the body. You never have to twist your back or lift to one side of your body. Avoid being one of over 1 million people that injure their back each year. Shouldering a ladder puts the full weight on one side of the body creating uneven pressure on the spine, this greatly increases the chance of injury.
Why risk injury or work less productive when you can Ladder Mover it instead!

Work smarter, not harder, roll your ladder where it's needed.

Two methods to carry your ladder

Method (1)

Flat with both side rails at the same height, this allows us to carry multiple ladders and supplies by stacking one on top of the other. This works especially well with extension ladders. We can also use this method to carry step ladders.

Ladder Mover™ carrying a ladder in a flat position.

Method (2)

Tipped on one side, this allows us to maneuver narrow passages and doorways. This works especially well with tall step ladders which are much wider at the bottom. We can also use this method to carry extension ladders.

See how Ladder Mover™ ladder dolly / ladder carrier can carry a step ladder tipped on its side, so it can fit thru a narrow doorway. ● Easily navigate sharp turns and tight places that are impossible for ladders with built-in wheels.

Additional benefits

  • Multi-purpose, you’ll have both a ladder dolly and a hand truck on the jobsite without doing any extra work to get it there.
    Please see our longer and more detailed list of benefits.
  • Large pneumatic hand truck wheels provide a smooth and quiet ride over all terrain.
  • No additional floor space needed for storage, Ladder Mover™ stores within the space of your hand truck.
  • No tools needed, easily switch from ladder dolly to hand truck mode and back again.
  • QR code (Quick Response Barcode) molded in to one of the Ladder Mover legs enables easy access to this website by scanning with your cell phone camera.
    Give the QR code a try, show your friends how the Ladder Mover works, they'll thank you for making their ladder moving job much easier.
    For the folks that like to be in the know, you can be the first one to introduce them to a 2D barcode molded in to a 3D shape.
  • 100% Made in the USA.
    Please see our longer and more detailed list of benefits.
Buy Now, made in the USA. Image of Ladder Mover, the DIY ladder dolly.

Buy Now, made in the USA.