Ladder Mover™ rotating

Ladder Mover™ ladder dolly / ladder carrier

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The Handyman


This thing has been great. I have moved over 4000lbs of water damaged stuff out of a basement and up a hill and to the trailer to the dump. Thanks. My customer was very impressed with your device.

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From a customer


Back when I was actively working in the residential remodeling and repair field, I was always looking for things that made my back breaking work faster and easier. This gadget is something I found that I can use even now as I putter around the house. It converts an ordinary hand truck into a "Ladder Mover".

What appealed to me was the ability to load my heavy tool box, a 5 gallon bucket, my Powerade cooler, and lunch box or other tools or supplies on the ladder and easily move all of it around the house or down the street to my rental.

Anyway, it's a neat, labor saving idea.

Customer submitted image For a Ladder Mover review. Customer submitted image For a Ladder Mover review.

Happy Customer


After years of using ladders, age caught up with us, and my wife and I began to find it difficult to move the 10-12 foot ones around. We searched for a solution and found this amazing tool.

It is simple to use and easy. You place the attachment on the foot of a dolly, lay the ladder in the tool and it is so balanced you just direct the ladder where you want it to go.

Recommend you try it!

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