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Ladder Safety

  1. Safety – injury due to lifting and or carrying.
    Everyone knows the danger of falling from a ladder, but most of us never think about the risk of injury from lifting and carrying a ladder. Most ladder involved injuries are caused by lifting and carrying. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), over 1 million professionals experience back injuries each year. Carrying a ladder at your side or on your shoulder exerts more than double the ladder weight on the spine. In other words, carrying a 50-pound ladder will load the spine with more than 100 additional pounds. Major back injuries often start small, happen incrementally and accumulate over time. Each minor injury produces additional scar tissue until one day, something as simple as bending over while brushing your teeth causes enough back pain to take your breath away. Help prevent injuries by using Ladder Mover to carry your ladders and supplies.

  2. Safety – Injury or death due to contact with electricity.
    Made in the USA. Losing control while performing a “shoulder ladder carry” can project one end of the ladder over 12 feet high, possibly contacting power lines or building service entrance lines which could be deadly. One half of the ladder is always out of sight to the person carrying the ladder. Raising or lowering a ladder as well as “walking” a ladder in the vertical position could also cause contact with electricity. Safety experts say; “to avoid electrocution, never carry a ladder in the vertical position, always use a non-conductive ladder”. Every year, about 400 workers are killed by electricity, nearly all of them could have been saved if they had used non-conductive ladders, tools and recommended PPE. Even a phone line can be deadly when working from a ladder, the ringing voltage is high enough to jolt and startle a person in to a deadly fall.
    Made in the USA. Ladder Mover enables you to carry the ladder much closer to the ground and you can always see both ends of the ladder at the same time. This gives you much greater control, enabling you to quickly and precisely navigate the safest path while keeping the ladder low to the ground and staying away from overhead electricity.

  3. Safety – Injury or property damage due to ladder impact.
    Carrying a ladder hides half of the ladder from view. When one person is hand carrying a ladder, they can only see one half of the ladder at a time. This creates a collision hazard that could end in property damage or personal injury. If two people are carrying the ladder then they have to coordinate every step, which is awkward. With one person on each end of the ladder, the turning radius is increased to the full length of the ladder, making it impossible to navigate tight winding trails and sharp corners. Ladder Mover eliminates these problems by giving you much greater control and full visibility of your ladder.

  1. Safety - Injury or property damage due to tired worker.
    An employee that is exhausted from carrying ladders and supplies is more likely to make a costly mistake or be involved in an accident. Let Ladder Mover carry your ladders and supplies so all of your energy can be spent doing the job for which the ladder is needed.

  2. Safety – Falls due to ladder flex, bounce, electrical conductivity.
    Some companies with good intentions try to save money and help their employees by buying lightweight type II or III aluminum ladders which conduct electricity. Even a non-lethal shock can knock a worker off of a ladder or startle them in to a lethal fall. While a lightweight aluminum ladder is easier to carry, it also creates a less safe work environment due to more flex, bounce and electrical conductivity, not to mention less weight capacity and possible lawsuit due to injury or death. Using Ladder Mover™, enables you to work safer by giving you the ability to easily carry a safer but heavier type IA or IAA fiberglass ladder that is also electrically insulated. It’s not only electricians that are exposed to dangerous electricity, anyone using a ladder outside can accidently come in contact with power lines while raising, lowering, moving or using a ladder. Inside work can also expose ladder users to electricity. According to the CDC around 400 people are killed by electricity every year, many are experienced linemen, painters, window washers, masons, carpenters, handymen. The common lifesaving measure that could have saved them is using non-conductive ladders, tools and recommended personal protective equipment.

  3. Safety – injury or death due to falling from a ladder.
    Experts say most ladder involved injuries and deaths due to falls can be traced back to using the wrong ladder for a particular job. For example; falling from a ladder due to overreaching or standing above the highest allowed step. These safety issues can be avoided by using a longer / taller ladder, which also increases the weight of the ladder. However, most workers instinctively grab the lightest ladder that can do the job, often times sacrificing needed length for a lighter load. No one wants to carry the heaviest ladder to their work area, so we tend to under estimate the length required while trying to prevent a back or shoulder injury. Ladder Mover removes "weight" from the ladder selection equation, enabling us to think "safety" when selecting the ideal ladder. Sometimes multiple ladders of different lengths and types are needed for the job to be done safely. To avoid multiple trips, workers tend to select one ladder that can be made to work awkwardly, and possibly outside of its safe usage parameters. Ladder Mover lets us roll multiple ladders and supplies in one easy trip, enabling us to use the exact ladders needed to safely and efficiently complete our job.

  4. Safety – Extend the life of your ladder and your back.
    Using Ladder Mover to gently roll and position your ladder can extend its life and help keep it in safe operating condition. Dropping a ladder can create bends and or hidden cracks that lead to catastrophic failure during use. Often times catastrophic failure happens at the highest point, when beginning our descent down the ladder as we tend to create a higher impact force when stepping down than when we climb up the ladder.

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